Westerlundska gymnasium in English

Westerlundska gymnasiet is a high school located in the town of Enköping in central Sweden. 

Bild på Westerlundskas entré

Welcome to Westerlundska

The school offers a broad range of academic programs for students aged 16 to 19 years old.

In this webpage, we will provide you with an overview of the school, its history, academic programs, facilities, and student life.


Westerlundska gymnasiet was established in the 70’s and has been providing quality education for over 50 years. The school is named after Ernst Westerlund (1839-1924), a well-known Swedish doctor living in Enköping.

Academic Programs

Westerlundska gymnasiet offers a variety of college-preparatory programs, including natural sciences, social sciences, economics, and humanities.

In addition, the school offers vocational programs in the fields of nursing and healthcare, electrical engineering, and vehicle engineering.

Read more about the college-preparatory programs and vocational programs that the school offers (only available in swedish, please use Google Translate to translate the webpage)


The school's facilities are modern and well-equipped. There is also a library, cafeteria, and student lounge where students can relax and socialize. In 2024 the school will move to newly built facilities.

Read more about the new Westerlundska gymnasiet on the website Enköping växer (only available in swedish, please use Google translate to translate the webpage)

Student Life

Westerlundska gymnasiet has a vibrant student life. Students come from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, and the school has a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

There are regular student events and activities. The school also organizes study trips abroad, giving students the opportunity to experience different cultures and languages.